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Preparing for a move is about ensuring every item reaches its destination safely. That’s why choosing the right packing supplies is crucial. At Main Street Movers, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, cost-effective packing materials tailored to protect your belongings. From sturdy boxes to secure wraps and everything in between, our selection is designed to meet every packing need. Explore our categories of packing supplies below and discover how our products can make your packing process smoother, more organized, and worry-free. With our supplies, you’re not just packing your belongings; you’re safeguarding your memories.


Discover a variety of sturdy and reliable boxes to fit every item in your move. Our boxes come in multiple sizes, ensuring your belongings, from delicate glassware to heavy books, are securely packed. Choose cost-effective solutions that protect your valuables and make your packing process efficient and organized.


Secure your packages with our high-quality packing tape, designed to keep your boxes tightly sealed during the move. Our durable tape ensures your belongings stay protected, offering peace of mind. Opt for our strong, cost-efficient tape to safeguard your items from start to finish.

Wraps & Covers

Protect your furniture and delicate items with our wraps and covers. These protective materials are essential for preventing scratches, dents, and damage during transit. Our range of wraps and covers offers an effective and economical way to shield your items, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Labels & Tags

Stay organized and stress-free with our easy-to-use labels and tags. Clearly labeling your boxes simplifies unpacking and helps keep track of your belongings. Our labels and tags are an affordable way to bring order to your moving process, making unpacking in your new space a breeze.

Peanuts & Cushioning

Ensure the safety of your fragile items with our packing peanuts and cushioning materials. These lightweight yet protective fillers absorb shocks and prevent movement inside the box. Choose our cost-effective peanuts and cushioning for a worry-free move where every item arrives intact and unscathed.

News Packing Paper

Wrap and protect your valuables with our high-quality news packing paper. Ideal for cushioning everyday items and delicate possessions, this eco-friendly packing solution provides a clean, ink-free alternative to traditional newspapers. 

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Whether you’re looking for standard packing and moving supplies, or specialty items, we’ve got you covered:

  • Small Book Boxes
  • Extra Large Boxes
  • Wardrobe Boxes
  • Mirror/Picture Boxes

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At Main Street Movers, we understand that every move is unique, and so are your needs. That’s why we never push our customers into predefined packages or sell them supplies they don’t need. Whether you’re looking for just a few boxes to complement your DIY packing efforts or seeking our expertise for your entire move, we’re here to help in exactly the way you need. Our approach is to provide you with choices and flexibility, offering a range of services and supplies that can be tailored to your specific requirements. We’re committed to supporting your move, your way – with no pressure, just the right amount of help you choose.


Don't buy a package, craft your perfect move

Shape your ideal moving experience with our tailored quote service. Just provide a few details about your move, and we’ll craft a quote that’s as unique as your moving needs. Expect a personal touch – our team will carefully review your information and reach out with a customized plan. It’s not just about moving; it’s about moving made just for you.